41-48 40th Street
New York City, NY 11104

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This building is in Sunnyside, Queens.
There are bedbugs completely infested in this building. The landlord did not take proper order and could care less. Disgusting.

Bed Bugs since April 2015. Bagged all my clothes, etc Landlord's exterminator came and sprayed twice. Bed bugs returned July.

Signed the contract and got the apartment around mid May 2015, the lease at my old apartment ends around end of June. I was taking my sweet ass time to clean this new apartment( it was kind of dirty before I move in.)

On June 9, as I was wiping the floor, I found a live bedbug (starving adult.) I have yet to move anything into the new apartment yet, only thing that are there is just the cleaning supplies I bought from store. I've contacted the landlord right away. they took their time to get

back to me. They try to claim I brought the bedbugs in. long story short, they tell me to wait until the end of June, and the building exterminator will take care of it (not a bedbug exterminator.)

Moved in on July, I've found out more than 1 units in the building have bedbugs. They claim it's taken care of already. But around mid July I found a few more live bedbugs. I've hired canine inspector to come. As result, this unit been infested with bedbugs and it's not a new infestation.

Spoke to the landlord about it. They said the best they can do is for me to talk to the building exterminator to work something out that can kill the bed bug for good, or bug bomb it(not the proper way, which will result in bedbugs moving to the units around me.)

I end up telling them I want to break the lease and move out. I've paid around $2000 out of my own pocket to get my stuff move out and get it fumigated properly.

I also found out from neighbors that they have bedbugs issues around 2007... Also, during this whole time, it was really hard to reach the landlord directly.

Now that I've moved out... the broker already post the apartment on Streeteasy for rent again under a different apartment unit# (and he's aware of this whole bedbug issue too.)...Whoever moved in will probably face the same nightmare as me.

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