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We started noticed bites in the breakfast, lunch, dinner pattern this winter. The management company, thankfully, sent in an inspector who verified the presence of bedbugs. We received three extermination treatments. By the end of the third treatment, we noticed nearly zero activity. We do not know if the management company ever informed our neighbors of our problem. I believe it would be difficult for the landlord to control the problem given the exposed piping in the apartment and the siz

able cracks in the flooring (bedbugs can travel along piping and move through cracks).

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Since the summer, my girlfriend and I had thought that the sporadic insect bites we were experiencing must be the result of a few tough mosquitoes that had survived autumn...sadly, we were mistaken. After we saw the first few bugs, we moved away clothing and bedding only to find evidence of many, many more...along with feces proving that they had been feasting on us for some time.

We can never say for sure where they came from...but, after packing away all of our possessions in preparation f

or the exterminator's first visit, we discovered just how shoddily installed our floor boards and base moldings were.

With holes and gaps big enough for mice to travel through, it became clear that nothing the exterminator could do would provide a lasting solution. While it's true that no one has truly figured out a way to control these creatures, landlords could take relatively inexpensive preventive measures - like properly caulking ALL floorboards and base moldings - but, of course, that requires an expenditure of money which most landlords will postpone as long as they possibly can.

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