4342 45th St
Sunnyside, NY 11104-2302

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Bed Bug Problem in the building is still a HUGE PROBLEM! DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!!!!!!!

We had bed bugs on two separate occasions within the same year due to a neighbor having them (and refusing to exterminate). I have since moved out. The first time we had bugs, management sent an inspector from a PCO who told us that we did not have bed bugs (despite my actually finding one). When we managed to convince them that we needed to have the apartment exterminated, they paid the PCO to exterminate the bedroom only (idiots). The second time, when we tried to make them understand that

our recurrent problem was probably being caused by a neighbor and/or was probably being spread to our neighbors, they laughed in my face. They also lied to me and told me that no one else in the building has ever had bedbugs. This was in September of 2010. As you can see, someone posted in here August of 2010 that they had bugs. Management is negligent, do not buy here.

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Bedbugs in my apartment!

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