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I was actually checking for hotel reports having had the experience of bed bugs in my rent stabilized apartment in NYC in Sunnyside Queens just about 2 years ago at this time late June 2007. There had been rumors of bed bugs in other buildings on the block for some time. But, the landlord of this place did not maintain the building well. I began to hear from neighbors that other apartments were having bed bug infestations. The super who is not nice at all and extremely uncooperative finally admi

tted to me that 2 other apartments in the building had been exterminated for bed bugs. Super BS translation would mean probably at least 6 apartments infested.

The building is an old poorly maintained pre- WWII building with plaster and lathe walls. There are also big spaces between floors and walls, it is not a tight building. One night in June of 2007 as I read in bed, i saw something move on the pillow next to my partner's head. I was able to grab it and put it in a container. Yeah, I'm fast and not afraid of bugs. I identified it by looking on the internet and later checking with my room mate who had seen bed bugs before. None of us had any recent trips anywhere or had done anything to bring in these bugs. The only connection was the building infestation that had not been properly treated by the landlord in other areas of the building.

I called NYC 311 and they made the landlord get an exterminator. It was a toxic hell. I had to take my sick cat and move out. The dump was unliveable for months but hey what do you want for a cheap rent stabilized apartment?

My room mate still lives there and has not complained of any further bugs. Personally until this day there are only two categories of bugs - bed bugs and not bed bugs. If it is a not bed bug, life is essentially okay. If it is a bed bug, no deal. I am not going through that again, throwing out half my possessions and washing the other half in hot water and drying in hot dryers. It was a total nightmare from hell. Ok, the icing on the cake, the day the city inspectors came to check for bed bugs, the toilet from the above apartment blew a leak and all toilet water poured into our bathroom.

In this place the landlord loves this kind of thing, the faster he gets tenants out the quicker he can turn the apartment for a higher price.

Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Long Island City - Bed Bug Capitol of the World!!!

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