4331 45th St
Sunnyside, NY 11104-2301

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After suffering from what I thought were mosquito bites for approximately 2 weeks, I found one live bed bug on the underside of my box spring. I captured it and immediately contacted the management company and, nearly 2 days later, am still waiting to hear back about an exterminator coming to inspect the apartment. (1st floor apartment, north side of building)

We have a minor (if such a thing is possible) infestation in apartment 2J. We are pretty sure it is from the building, since we have all the same stuff we had at our old apartment in the Bronx, where there were no bedbugs. We have caught 2 actual bugs. I was also bitten a few times when I happened to sleep in the guest room/office. The management company told us they would send an inspector over a couple weeks ago, but they have not returned any of our phone calls since then. I hold out hop

e that they will do the right thing, but I think their delay is dangerous because it could allow the infestation to spread further.

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