32-55 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

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I rented a apartment in this building, it looked clean when we moved in, but we started getting bits in the early morning. We had to put all of our things in the garbage. The place was sprayed with chemicals and we where OK for a few days but then the bugs came back and started bitting us. We could not get any sleep and my husband lost his job because of it. What a nightmare, stay far away from this building!

We started getting bites a little after New Years. We called an exterminator to inspect the apartment but he didn't find any signs of the bed bugs so we opted for the preventative treatment. A few hours after that treatment, we found a live bed bug and immidiately called the exterminator to notify him. We packed everything in plastic bags that night so that the exterminator can do a full treatment the next day. We laundered and dried all of our clothing and bedding and got rid of our sofa, b

ed, and ottoman.

We were fine for a few weeks and then we began getting bites again. Apparently, several other units in this building had the same issue so we decided to move out.

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