3075 34th St
Astoria, NY 11103-5164

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MAJOR BED BUG PROBLEM!!! Landlord is cheap and lazy and does not care about tenants I have lived here for 4 years and last year got bed bugs, He claimed we got them from our laundry mat across the street but that was not the case. Bed bugs were not in my bed frame but coming from the walls!! I had to chulk up the baseboards and floors to finally get rid of them. Thats was proof that the building has them in the walls. 3 other neighbors have confirmed bed bugs recently. Finally my boyfriend and I

are moving out. AVOID THIS PLACE!!! its a true disaster

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This building has a pervasive bedbug problem. It is a 32 unit building, and these are the infestations that I know of, from speaking to other tenants: 3 units on my floor, and at least 3 other units in the building.

The landlord refuses to have a bedbug sniffing dog inspect all of the units, so that all infestation sites can be identified and the problem kept from being spread.

The bugs are spreading from unit to unit because there are many gaps and cracks in the ceilings and floors surr

ounding the radiators and water pipes, and along the baseboards and floorboards.

My unit has been treated three times but they keep coming back. The bugs never harbored in my bed or furniture; the PCO thinks they are living in the voids between the walls, floors and ceilings.

Rent here at your own risk.

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