3095 34th St
Astoria, NY 11103-5101

Found 2 reports:

Nov 2012 Apartment 3E

Move in Nov2012. Pre-move-in, spent a week patching holes in all rooms and tearing out old carpet in bedroom. Noticed that 'cockroaches' had been painted into the walls. First day, notified landlord of baby 'cockroaches' noticed in bedroom and he had his PCO put down gel. Moved in with furniture in mid-November and on first night, noticed more baby 'cockroaches' on the walls of the bedroom at night. Second night tenant noticed more and realized they might be bedbugs ins

tead. Took a picture and verified with another PCO that they were bedbugs. Notified landlord who SCREAMED at the tenant that they had brought the bugs in with their belongings. Landlord wasn't going to send his PCO for a week, so tenant contacted a reputable local PCO. Landlord refused to let tenant's PCO in the building unless tenant signed a paper releasing landlord of all responsibility for bugs in that apartment. Tenant refused. Landlord sent his PCO who just sprayed. PCO provided no instruction on managing and treating tenant's belongings. After second night, tenant stopped staying in the apartment but left belongings there while tenant looked for a new residence. During trip back to start retrieving and treating belongings, tenant found nymph in bathroom and casings on kitchen counter. Notified landlord requesting a release of the lease. Landlord again SCREAMED at tenant and accused tenant of bringing bugs with them.

By this time, this registry was discovered and it was also discovered that the apartment immediately above 3E was infested in past years so it was obvious that tenant did not bring bugs into the building. They were already there.

Landlord agreed to release tenant from the lease if tenant vacated by Dec2012. Landlord threatened to sue tenant for the entire lease monies if tenant didn't agree. (SCREAMING, MIND YOU!!!) He was very threatening. Tenant moved out Nov 30 with landlord watching the whole process. Both signed paperwork releasing tenant from the lease, but tenant was not refunded last month's rent and deposit.

And some poor oblivious soul moved into the place Dec 1. :-(

This is being reported by a family member of the tenant because the tenant felt extremely threatened by the landlord and is afraid of repercussions.

see full report...

APARTMENT #4E, infestation between 2007-2008, landlord sprayed raid only.

No nearby bug reports