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This was our first encounter with the bed bug. We had an attack in late September/early October, which lasted a few weeks on and off until we realized what is was. At first we thought it was mosquitoes, as two in the household always are bitten...until we realized it was too late in the year. Both had three bites in a row in arms, torso, neck, legs whose welts swelled as a mosquito bite normally would. We just didn't realize that the bite pattern was different. We discovered the bugs on the

walls, preserving one after killing the others. After looking up the photos of this bug, investigated how to deal with them. We took apart all beds, furniture. Then, threw away old sheets, pillows, bed ruffles. Then, steam cleaned the carpet, mattresses with hot water and Oxyclean (found very little droppings/nymphs/casings on the mattresses/box springs) put diatomecious earth all over everything. Every crack, nook cranny and surface had was powdered. Lived with a dry throat/skin mornings, as this stuff is a drying agent. We laundered and cleaned clothes and furniture, pulled posters/art off of walls and cleaned them. We pulled the bed and all furniture away from the walls. and left them away from walls for at least two weeks. They die in extreme heat or cold. On one or two particularly cold nights, opened all the windows in the bedroom and slept in bed in the middle of the room under many comforters while the fan blew overhead. Other nights, we turned up the heat and had a space heater going in the room. We also sprayed everything with a "Sprayaway Goodnight."
We later had the place caulked and painted.
We have been free of bed bug attacks for a few months now. Hope it is permanent. Also, noticed that a neighbor had leaned a soiled mattress against a brick wall. Looks like it had bed bugs.
Maybe that's where ours came from. Don't like that the mattress is up against the wall like that, for them to crawl right back into the building. Eeew. Hope that the methods described above help others overcome this problem...and that they remain away from us.

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