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Just moved into my apartment in building H2 at the end of the month and already have bed bugs. Wish i had found this site before!!!! I feel duped and lied to. Moving out ASAP.....

Currently dealing with a bedbug infestation in H3. My neighbors were infested as well and I suspect the bugs are moving back and forth between our apartments. Treatments don't seem to be working. 100% moving out when my lease is up this winter. Awful building and management slow to respond. Has already cost me over $1500 in laundering costs and replacing my infested items.

H2 is absolutely infested! STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. I had an exterminator come a few months ago and have been dealing with nightly bites yet again recently. An absolute nightmare and legitimately the worst experience of my life. Can't wait for my lease to be up so I can get out of this place!!!!

March 2015 - I lived in Building H2 and upon moving in, 'bed bug proofed' my apartment as much as humanly possible, as there had been bed bugs reported in this building before. I got bed bug traps for the legs of my bed, dusted the entire apartment with DE dust before moving in, set up bed bug monitors, you name it.

Lo and behold, I caught a bed bug scurrying across the floor in the Spring and upon inspection, was told that there had definitely been bed bugs in my unit (fecal matter on bed, g

etting bitten 2-3x per week, etc). After treatment, everything has been fine but I still live in constant fear that bed bugs will migrate to our unit from adjacent apartments. It was a horrible experience and I would never wish it on anybody else!

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We've lived in H2 since June 2011. We were treated twice last summer after finding one bug, and then didn't have anymore problems until June of this year. Since then, we've been treated three times, plus tried using our own treatments too. Still, I'm covered in bites. As others have said, the building is infested. I don't see this problem being solved for us until we move.

We had bed bugs in our unit (in H3) and had them treated. However, about 4 months later they came back. Our neighbor above us told us that he had bed bugs, but neglected to do anything about it because they kept coming back.

This building must be absolutely infested.

Moved in to building H4 on the top floor at the end of April, roommate started seeing bites about two weeks after. It is now late July and they're still a huge issue. The extermination company management uses-- ie, the only one they're willing to pay for-- is completely incompetent and only sprays useless pesticides on corners and does not completely eliminate anything. Apparently the neighbors have had them off and on for twelve years, which is worrisome. I feel rather hopeless and angry that m

anagement isn't fixing it.

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I live in H3. I moved in with my roommate at the end of 2010. Even though the leasing company provided the bed big history, we were told that the bed bug issue had been eradicated and that bed bugs had not been an issue in the past year. In about a month or two, my roommate began to notice bites all over her arms and legs which had then begun to affect her sleep (lack of sleep). After nights of new bites, finding live bed bugs on the covers, and research we requested that we had a bed bug infest

ation. As of right now, it is the end of May (almost middle of the year) 2011 and we are undergoing our second extermination process, as we continue living out of trash bags and there is no end in sight. Throughout, the management company has seemed unwilling to cooperate and fulfill their responsibility to eradicate the bed bugs from our apartment within 30 days of being notified of the issue. As a result, the bed bugs have spread into all of the rooms (not only my roommate's). It is only after sending dozens of emails as well as calling several times that our emails have been answered and that we have been able to schedule exterminators to come to our apartment. Recently, we noticed an extermination sign-up sheet downstairs that a couple of our neighbors have signed. It is a unit (if not entire building) wide problem. Unless the entire unit is exterminated, it is a problem that will not go away and that will keep us living this expensive nightmare.

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Just had the inspection and it is confirmed we have them in our unit. The building has been known to have them but we've been checked several times and nothing was ever detected. I found one crawling on my pillow a week ago- we captured it in an air tight tupperwear to show the inspector since we found it odd none of us had any bites, myself included, and there didnt seem to be any other signs. The inspector was great and showed me what to look for. We're getting taken care of next week and will

undergo treatments for the next 3 weeks.

Beware, though, I'm in H2 and the inspector left my apartment to go to a treatment in H1. If you're in one of our buildings here and have no signs, I'd follow whatever steps you can to prevent getting them yourselves.

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I had bedbugs immediately after moving in in October 2009 and though they went away after multiple sprayings of chemicals by about March 2010, they were apparently back in other apartments in June 2010. Not sure what the status is now.

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