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Problem is getting worse. Im considering moving out of New York all together. New York has become a complete dump all kinds of infestations in the Bronx you have rat infestations Brooklyn roach infestations and Queens bed bug infestations. This is getting out of control.

Rivendell Way - Edison, New Jersey. Many buildings.These are townhouses but many used as guest houses for people coming from the Asian continent. Have tried many things such as exterminator, getting rid of wood bed frames, washing infected areas, careful not to move affected items into another area as to not infect other areas. Have been told by professionals it is due to the largely 3rd world immigrants who are entering the country and are bringing these pests.

Until you can get it treated by extermination, try to place Boric Acid, I use 707 in the yellow bottle red top. It will at least stop them from kindly walking into to your place and from room to room. The problem is bigger than the exterminator also. Silica gel is good for laying in a staight line. cant find it though. Dries them out also. Good Luck to you and there are other places to talk about it. Youre not by yourself.As I was writing this I just saw one after an exterminator. Poured it on t

he little or rather adult sized one and it seemed to make it run in circles and then stop. A city full of people walking around scratching should be quite intersting.

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bitten all over body, woke up with over 7 bed bugs on my body

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