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let me try to help. first off i feel sorry that you have to through this. things like this give all new yorkers a bad name.
1 - i want you to call 311 - and hpd tell them whats going on. you have the bed bugs still in a bag with the marks and blood blot on you sheets right?
2 - what hostipal did you go to so the rest of us know not to go that hospital. it is appently poorly runned. and shouldn't be treating people like that. they need to be put on notice.
3 your roommates they didnt mention

anything about this problem?. we'll by law they have to .so they may have broken a law and you may the right to call the police on them.
4 if you do not get help from 311 or hpd email the mayors office dirrectly that will hpd moving.
5 check the usps website for the correct address of the building your in
6 if all else fails contact the news agencies. they maybe willing to do a story about your landlord - roomates and your experience at the hospital. i certinly would like to see how hospitals are treating bedbug victims. hang in there get past the freakout stage and remember it's just a bug. a nasty one but a bug
no kudos for your landlord, roomates and hospital

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I don't understand how this site works. I wanted to file a report for a different address but it didn't offer me that option so I am filing her. This is for:

2414 Astoria Blvd. Astoria, NY 11102

My life has become a nightmare! I moved to NY from California a couple of months ago and my life has been changed forever. The first or second night I moved in with roommates, I noticed little bugs crawling on my computer. My lights were off and window was open, so I figured they were just little

bugs that naturally come through the screen in the summer. It never dawned on me initially that these were the SCOURGE that is BED BUGS!! The irony is that when I lived in Cali and would see the horror reports of infestations in New York... I would pray that would NEVER touch my life or my children's...............flash forward and I am now living my worst nightmare come true!!

Approximately a week after I noticed these bugs, I became ill. I thought it was the flu because I had a fever & aches and pains.......general flu symptoms, which I now understand can be attributed to the initial bites from bed bugs. Shortly thereafter, I developed welts/bites with a red center..... in a linear pattern.............. it still didn't dawn on me that these were bed bugs. I showed them to roommates who looked sad but knowing, but never said these could be bed bugs. She said they were probably mosquitoes and her mother first agreed and then said it was probably chicken poxs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having worked in the medical profession............. I knew this wasn't possible as I had already had chicken pox as a child and that none of the symptoms were indicative of this. I had a light bulb go off and AH HA moment telling me the joke was on me and everyone else was in on it................ they just didn't choose to share it with me.

Now... you must understand I am a clean and neat freak by nature................. this COMPLETELY freaked me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course research made it evident to me that this was a bed bug infestation......... uggggggggggggggggg. I don't think I will ever feel clean again!!!!!!

To backtrack a bit, before I realized what was going on, I continued to sleep in this bed.... and SURPRISE SURPRISE.... the bites multiplied. I at this point was depressed, crying and beside myself. I came from California and I had never even SEEN a bedbug much less lived with one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point I went to an emergency room and took a few of the "bagged bugs" with me. Of course................ my worst fears were confirmed:(!!!!! I was treated like a leper to begin with............. sitting in the ER waiting room.........people stared at me and moved away from me. When I was called back for my vitals.... one of the nurses yelled at me... "Don't touch anything and don't sit in that chair"!!!..... to which she proceeded to get a sheet and put on the chair before I could sit down..............POINT TAKEN!!!!!!! She paraded me back............. ahead of everyone else........... to the Head of Er.... who looked at my bites.....the bugs in my bag and concluded (along with another ER nurse) that these were bed bug bites.................. CAN YOU SAY HUMILIATION????!!!!!!!! Because they didn't want me to have contact with anyone else.... they took me back to another part of the ER..... another sheet was placed on a chair and I was made to wait for the ER Dr. to bring prescriptions, advice, etc........ of course by this time, I was the "Main Act" ....if you will??????..... people were asking to be moved away from me............. I didn't blame them.............. the Dr. came out with prescriptions including a course of antibiotics..... anti itch medication both oral and topical.... etc......... I continued on to the pharmacy to the tune of money I couldn't afford...... FLASH FORWARD A FEW DAYS............. I let my roommates know.... who still insisted they weren't bed bugs and didn't want to tell the manager of the building due to other issues they were having............... ultimately...........the manager was told and OF COURSE..... he argued with me and HUMILIATED ME all over again INSISTING .................... these weren't bed bugs EVEN THOUGH I told him of the Drs. diagnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............... and thus MY NIGHTMARE INTENSIFIED............ I was being called on the carpet and questioned like I was the bad guy.................. are you kidding me??????????????????? still being questioned as to the legitimacy of my diagnosis and being made to feel like this was all in my head EXCEPT.......................... I had physical proof and tons of pics to the tune of 50 or more...............of my bed, bites etc etc etc................the manager then tried to put the blame on me....asking if I lived in motels............. I explained, I came from my CLEAN apartment in Los Angeles, California and I had never even seen a bed bug. He then tried to say the bugs weren't bed bugs............despite what the Drs. said............... long story short..........he admitted as well as a roommate that, they had a history of bed bugs in the room I was staying in. The landlord said he sprayed once a couple of years ago.......WHAT??????????????? even I, as a lay person, knows this isn't something that can be eradicated with one treatment!!!!!!!! At that point I decided to take my own action. I stripped the bed to a white sheet and monitored it over the next 3 days.................. hundreds of bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW WHO IS CRAZY??????????????? I am now on my second course of antibiotics, have been sleeping in my sons room upright in a chair for the last 2 weeks......and the landlord has said I have to leave giving some LAME excuse...................... No one wants to accept responsibility for this!!!!!!!!!!!!! They want me to leave so they don't have to deal with this but I have clothes, papers, etc etc etc that have been contaminated................I WANT JUSTICE..... I DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to know who the owner of this building is????????????? Regardless of what the outcome is for me............... I don't want ANYONE else to have to go through this. I moved from California and am now about to be homeless because they don't want to deal with this issue. When I asked how they can live with themselves not telling other tenants in this building............. I get no answer.............. someone should have to answer for this............ I want and need compensation for this SCOURGE they inflicted upon me............. People knew of this problem but didn't see fit to tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE..................DON'T MOVE IN TO 2414 21ST STREET unless you want BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3rd Floor covered in bugs. Landlord now asked tenants with bugs to leave. Wants to rent to unsuspecting people or may be selling to unsuspecting buyer. Please list

no description

2315 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102

My girlfriend and I moved in mid-August 2007. Things were fine for about a month and then on September 15th, my girlfriend started noticing bites on her arm. Thinking they were just mosquito bites, we didn't really give it a second thought. About a week later, the bites were more persistent until finally we realized we must have bed bugs.

Since then we have spent hundreds of dollars on sprays, laundry, and mattress covers. Still, they persist. We

contacted the management company and they said they had to send a flier around to see where the problem was.

I just called the super in a last ditch effort (today is October 25th, 2007 and my girlfriend woke up with three new bites) and he has informed me that an exterminator is coming to spray in two days.

Don't get me wrong, I love our apartment. It is beautiful and in a great Queens neighborhood, but these bed bugs make it very, very hard to live here.

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We moved into a 2-bedroom apartment in 23-05 30th Ave, Astoria on May 1, 2007. A few days later, I got a cluster of red bite marks on my leg. Having suffered from mosquito and flea bites before, I knew these were different blood-sucking insects. They could be spiders. Besides, I've seen a friend's bed bug bite marks a few years ago and mine looked a little different. So we didn't suspect anything. Besides, there were lots of cockroaches in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. So we asked

the super to call the exterminator. The exterminator sprayed all over the apartment and both problems subsided but did not go away completely. This problem persisted for a few more months during the summer--when I would get one or two bites every three weeks. By September, however, the bites started getting more and more numerous, many of them are in clusters or lined up in a row. By then, I was sure it was a bed bug problem. The exterminator came again but only looked on the surface of the bed and under the box spring--he did not inspect the seams or behind furniture. He sprayed on the plastic cover of the box spring and on the perimeter of the bedroom. This time, I was bitten every night since the exterminator came. Finally, I decided to inspect closer--and found a few tiny black spots and white specs on the seams of our mattress over. That remains the only physical proof of their existence. Since August, our next door neighbor and upstairs neighbor moved out (who knows why!) and new tenants have moved in. I have written to the management--Dermot--twice (by passing the super) and we finally got a hold of the vice president. They said they are committed to eliminating the bed bugs by letting us choose an exterminator. We'll see.
The truth is, bed bugs were found in the next building which they also manage: 23-15 30th Ave. Someone moved out the day after we moved in--and told us he is breaking the lease because of the bed bugs. So the battle goes on.
Thanks for providing a useful service. The city needs to cracks down on landlords who do not handle infestation properly. And as consumers, we should stop letting them get away with it.

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