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July 24th 2011 I discovered horrible bites on my legs. I notified the landlord and I was told that extermination was my own problem and in fact was accused of bringing them into the apartment. We had been at this apartment for only 5 months and hadn't had bedbugs at our previous residence. My roommate and I had chosen the best exterminator with the best reviews in the area. They came 5 times to spray. The biting has quieted down since. The landlord in the interim agreed to reimburse us for the $

1000 extermination fee. (He learned that he was legally responsible for this.) The landlord also had the other 2 upstairs residences sprayed once as well as the basement. The company that the landlord chose to use found a live bed bug upstairs as well. This is the second time I have submitted a report on the registry. My previous report cannot be found on the site. I feel that is important for the next tenants to know of this. I will move out as soon as I possibly can. This experience has been absolute hell. We are still living out of bags and laundering everything. We've lost so much property and are still hemmorraging money. : (

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