2808 Crescent St
Astoria, NY 11102-3109

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Apt. 12-A. Earlier this summer, my boyfriend (read: bedmate) started getting an irritating, itchy rash all over his arms and parts of his back. After some visits to the doctor, it was resolved that he had a skin rash, possibly caused by the sun, and he was told to apply cream and take benadryl. The rash started to fade, and we assumed all was fine. On 7 October (Sunday), I decided to change our bed linens--which we do every two weeks anyway--and discovered the tell-tale fecal black spots. We'

re very thorough cleaners, so I knew it couldn't be dirt. I was unsure of what these spots could indicate, though, but I felt something had to be wrong. A quick google search yielded what I feared most--bed bugs. Thus far, our landlord is being cooperative. Our exterminator came on 10 October (a few short days after our initial complaint). My feeling, though is that the exterminator in question didn't do a very thorough job, and will just have to come back a few times. As long as I'm not paying, he can spray everyday for all I care. Buy mattress covers and get rid of any wood/platform bed frames! Do yourself a favor.

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