2334 28th Ave, Apt 4e
Astoria, NY 11102-3052

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Upon moving into a new apartment in late November/ early December nothing outrageous or even out of place. I started to enjoy the new freedoms of having an apartment by myself.

The first signs of any bites were evident around 2/7 or the week before that. Luckily, I'm not the one that seems to be the mealtime favorite. My girlfriend, who I feel for immensely at this time started to notice lil' bites on her back and arms. At first we wrote it off as maybe spider-bites, or the possibility of d


However, albeit weird the bites went away for a few weeks. Nothing different, both of us staying in the same apartment and sleeping in the same bed.

However, this last week, they returned with a fury. Within two days my girlfriend had ended up with 8 bites across her back, and again on her arms.

I spoke to my landlord immediately. He said he had some stuff that he could put down. Now mind you, he's an old-man, very set in his ways. However, Bed-bugs are a pest and aren't likely to go away with some run of the mill, insecticide. So as it stands I've taken the necessary steps of getting a professional in to my apt, and doing all that is needed to ensure that whatever the cost, and wherever they came from. They either going back, ashes to ashes...or I'm plugging all cracks and crevices with clear caulk and not going to worry about it.

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