3056 30th St
Astoria, NY 11102-2238

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Apartments 6G, 5G have been infested for at least a year.

Bed bugs confirmed in my apartment on 8/14/09. We have found all first instar bed bugs (the first hatch) with one casing of a larger bedbug. We received bites the week 8/4 but did not find bed bugs. On 8/14 I received 2 bites in a row which I am sure are bed bug bites (remember bites can take 10 days to show up after being bitten). We then found the bugs at the bottom of our laundry bin as well as on the tops of our dressers under jewelery, paper, really anything that was sitting on the dressers


Unfortunately my apartment has a history of bed bugs. In August 2007 I was getting bit and attributed it to mosquitos because I was not aware of the bed bug epidemic in NYC. At that same time the apartment beneath me had been complaining of bed bugs bites but had not been exterminated. We were exterminated at the same time. I had a 3 treatment series. During this time I went absolutely insane, cleaning everything, keeping everything in plastic, all of the things I could possibly do.

In December 2007, they were back. The exterminator came again and the problem seemed to go away. Then in June 2008 I received 3 bites. At that time I disposed of my matress and bed frame and cleaned the perimeter of the apartment with boiling water. I have had no incidences until this month.

To my neighbor who has also complained, PLEASE call the landlord. The management company told me that no one else is complaining of the problem in the building and that I would have to cover 1/2 of the cost of the exterminator. They were supposed to contact me on Friday 8/14 and I have still heard nothing. The Super told me the apartment under me was exterminated as recent as 6 months ago. Call 311 and submit a complaint, I just did. This is a recurring problem in this building and the landlord needs to act now!

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I discovered bedbugs in my bed. So far, I have only seen a grand total of three, and have been bitten only sporadically; however, it is enough to create severe anxiety.

I have a feeling that they were there for at least one month prior to my discovery, as I did receive a few individual bites, which I attributed to mosquitoes.

I have heard that there is at least one other apartment in the building with a problem and I am sure that the bedbugs must have traveled to my apartment through the

walls, as we have been there 1.5 years, with no problems and have not acquired any new furniture, etc that would introduce them into the apartment.

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