2680 30th St, Apt 6a
Astoria, NY 11102-2136

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2680 30th Street.Astoria

I rent an apartment on the 6th floor and we are experiencing the same problem. I think all floor
and maybe all building has bed bugs.

We will call an exterminator but this is a nightmare.

This building is managed by Pistilli Management.

2680 30th ST, Apt 6R.

Bed bugs infestation

Building 3136 32 Street, Astoria, NY 11106

is infested with bedbugs. I discovered them in my apartment recently, but have been bitten for quite a while. I live on the fourth floor.

The super, in the basement, has them also. I'm sure, by now, all the apartments have them. Am contacting exterminator Monday regarding this problem.

seems there are many apts in this building with a bedbug problem i myself with the knowledge of five others. i think the whole building has a problem.

Found bites on my body and it took about two weeks for me to find the first bed bug to confirm it was bedbug bites. The problem is being treated by a professional.

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