38-71 13th St
Long Island City, NY 11101

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I chose this hotel because of the price & proximity to the city. It's within minutes by car which was very convenient for us, the location is a little questionable though. Upon check-in everything was lovely. High floor, beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline, and very sweet front desk clerk...Check-in went smoothly. My boyfriend and I took a nap shortly after due to our long drive to the city from MD. About two hours later I woke up to some

thing crawling on my arm. I jumped out of bed and immediately turned on the light and realized that it was a bedbug!!!! I was mortified! We scooped it up into a cup and called the front desk, and the clerk at the time suggested we come down to obtain keys to another room. The second room was not up to par. We checked the mattresses to ensure that there were no bed bugs this time, at the same time we noticed that : 1. the room had not been vacuumed properly (sunflower seed shells by the bed), 2. the cleanliness of the linens/comforter were questionable (had yellow stains on them), 3. an eye mask was left between the sheets. This was evidence that the room had not been cleaned properly, nor was the bed made to standards. We called the front desk to ask for another comforter and we were told to come downstairs and get it ourselves...I have NEVER in my life experienced anything like this. It gets worse....After having a bedbug crawl on me and seeing stains on the comforter, we decided that we weren't satisfied nor comfortable with spending the night there, we decided to check out. The front desk clerk gave us such a hard time. He had an attitude, was rolling his eyes and was very uncooperative. All he could say to us is, "Well, we've never had a bedbug problem before..." It was clearly evident that they did or else I would not have been able to bring one down to him in a cup. After 10 mins of going back and forth with him, he finally called the manager at home, there was none on the premises. The manager, Ankit, was not helpful at all. It was like talking to a brick wall. He would not give us a credit. After arguing with him on the phone for 15 mins, I finally cracked and mentioned that I was going to call the police and let them handle the situation. Upon hearing this, Ankit urged the clerk to give me a credit.

Their motto is "Happines Is Our Business", I beg to differ. We left this establishment livid, disgusted, and dissatisfied. The staff at this particular Howard Johnson needs a seminar on customer service and tact, and the hotel itself needs a visit from the Health Dept. I hope anyone reading this will take heed and make sure that the bedbug situation is controlled so that your patrons don't return home with bedbug bites as I did. Being a Wyndham Rewards member it's a shame that I had to endure this aggravation to obtain a credit after having a bedbug crawl on me. What a horrible experience!!! I will never recommend this hotel to anyone.

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