1300 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314-7450

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I have been living here for over 4yrs and have never come in contact with these pesty bugs till now. My husband I have been fighting these pest for a month now. I noticed my youngest child with bite marks on her arm and then my oldest started getting them.But no signs of what was biting them. So my husband did a room check and to his surprise the room,all our clothes and the beds were completly infested. Now not knowing what they were we threw everything in the room out(beds,frames,dressers and

unwanted toys)and bombed the room as suggested by our super who we made aware of our situation. So now we have put all or belongings in plastic bags,sealed them and statred doing our homework to find we have bed bugs living among us. As we informed our landlord and called in 311 for help. An exterminator was sent over to spray, mind you they didn\'t send a pest control specialist who would have properly done the job,now we have found fecal marks on our bedskirt but because we had plastic on our boxspring it wasn\'t affected and we removed the skirt,checked and sprayed down our mattress/frame/wheels and put it in a bed bug encasement made by Allergy Luxe.I am now bagging and washing everything.I would advise anyone dealing with this to get bed bug protectors for your beds,boxsprings and pillows along with Pronto bed bug killer spray or a spray called Rest Easy. I have been using them and have been finding only dead ones.I have also been daily checking furniture and spraying them down to make sure they dont get a chance to run and hide there. We are still dealing with this on our own and are stressed from the headache of knowing that bugs are living with us and lord only knows where they came from.My main concern is getting rid of them and keeping them out of our place.If you keep your places clutter free this gives them less places to hide. Just be patient,check everything you own and bag everything until you can wash everything in hot water and whatever can\'t be washed use steam cleaning as another option as we are doing so.Stanley Steamers are always good when it comes to furniture cleaning. Research on theses bugs because I found out alot and have got alot of useful tips on how we can deal with them until the pest control come in to really get the job done. My heart goes out to all dealing with these pest and hope that after this I never have to deal with them again. It is costly,time consuming and a pain in the a** to deal with. I really hope New York City can get a hold of these things because as I been reading up on them the city has a high infestation count of bed bugs. Who knew the saying \"Don\'t let the Bed Bugs Bite\" would really be true...... :(

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