11 Madison Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314-1525

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I moved into the side apartment on August 1, 2008. By August 10 I was living at my mother's house and my car at times. I have never experienced bed bugs in my life before moving to 11 Madison Ave. I paid $2400.00 to move in ($1200 security, $1200 rent. The apartment was occupied by my fiance', my daughter and myself.

I started to have symptoms within a few days of living at 11 Madison. At first I thought I had a bad allergic reaction or hives. I went to the emergency room after seeing the ras

h on my daughter (she's 7), as I didn't want to spread whatever it was that I thought I had to my co-workers. I was informed by the emergency room doctor that what I had was bug bites. I went to my mom's house and she told me they were bed bug bites (she's a nurse). I immediately started crying. So, then I think maybe there is a way to get rid of the bugs. after much research I have learned that it is not worth it for me to try.

I have since left behind all of my belongings and salavged a few items to wear to work. I have no furniture, toys for my daughter...etc. I lost everything I worked hard for.

The landlords are mexican and were on an extended vacation for almost the entire month. Now they are back from vacation, and I am having a hard time getting in touch with the lady who rented me the apartment as no one is understanding english at this point. I have made a formal complaint with the city of NY, and an inspector should be coming out.

In the meantime, I am living in between my car and my mom's house. A single parent who works and is also a student. I am trying very digigently to find a new home for my child and myself. I am out all of the money for my furniture and my rent.

This has to be one of the worst experiences in my life. Do not try to stay in a place with bed bugs. based on all reports and stories i've read it is almost impossible to fight this fight. If you do not own...move, or stay with relatives if possible. Try not to spread this to your family and friends.

I have been extremely depressed since this has happened to me...I hate what these bites did to my skin. I constantly feel like something is crawling on me.

My fiance' has caught so many of these bugs and saved them in zip lock bag and I have taken pictures of my bites. I hop ethis summary will help someone else

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