325 N End Ave
New York, NY 10282-1023

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Got an email from the landlord that one of our neighbors have tested positive and that they want to test our apartment too.

Dreading the possibility.

Bedbugs infested my sister's apartment at this location about 8 months ago. She hired bug-sniffing dogs to no avail. She finally found a bug on the wall near her bed. Exterminators came and blasted the place. 3 weeks later the bugs were back. She tried another exterminator and again--they came back after 3 weeks. She finally had to move. It's a high-end, fairly new "green" building, but they haven't posted notices about the infestation. Someone moved into my sister's apartment a month later...

I found bedbugs in my apartment, the landlord send the exterminator one time, but the treatment didn't work.
We still have found bed bugs in the apartment, we wake up with bites, we can't sleep properly. My 4 years old daughter has big bites too.
I live here from one year and I pay $ 4650,00 monthly.
I think to deserve something more.... than bed bugs.

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