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Certified in detection and recognition by the City of New York. There is no licensing other than a 'dog license' by the City. We are NOT exterminators and will not engage in any spraying, heating, or freezing of any bedbugs nor do we deal in any pesticides whatsoever.

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Anyone requiring a bedbug search of their apartment or hotel room can contact the NY K-9 Task Force at 1-718-313-5294. We are trained in recognition of Bed Bugs by the City of New York.

So i signed a two year lease on a three bedroom apartment in New York City in June of 2010. I have been living here since then. In April 2011, I noticed that I was getting these incredibly enormous bug bites. I hired a bed bug detecting dog, at my own expense, and was told that I have bed bugs in my apartment. The exterminators who owned the dog also looked at my bites and informed me that due to the size of them, it is likely that I am allergic to bed bugs. I know that I did not bring the bed b

ugs into the building, because a google search of my building's address shows a report on the bed bug registry from September 2009, saying that the building had been infested for over two months, and that the management had not helped in the extermination, which had to occur three times.

I immediately consulted my building's management, who sent in an exterminator that did not seem at all capable of handling the problem. The building has this exterminator on retainer, and insisted on using his services. Before this exterminator came over, i consulted with two other exterminators. Both gave me an enormous checklist of things to do to prepare for their visit, and informed me that they would prepare to spend 4 to 6 hours exterminating a three bedroom apartment. The exterminator that my building sent over on April 11, 2011, told me to wash my sheets, and spent about a 45 minutes spraying around the house.

But because the problem was caught early, we seemed to be bed bug free for two and a half months. Then, two weeks ago, one of my neighbors informed me that all the apartments on our floor have bed bugs, as well as all the apartments on the floors above and below my apartment. We consulted the building management immediately to ask what they planned to do, and they said they would be exterminating the entire building the next week (last week at the time that i write this) they never sent anyone to exterminate, and have been extremely rude and dismissive when our neighbors call to follow up.

But now, the bed bugs seem to have re-infested our apartment. I am getting the enormous bites again, and calls to the building management go unanswered.

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61 East 95th St, New York, NY 10128.
Bed bug infestation for over 2 months.
Landlord/Mgmt did not help in extermination.
Extermination has occurred three times.

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