E 94th St
New York, NY 10128

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I was just wondering what the cross street was for the east 94th street posting. I lived on that block until recently and last year (summer 2008) I was getting hives from something. I didn't have bed bugs at my apartment, but I'm creeped out knowing there was an issue. My reaction was coming from something at my workplace and after they exterminated at work my hives went away along with everyone else's reactions and irritations. Supposedly there was some kind of mite or book lice, but now ther

e's another issue at work and this time it is definitely bed bugs. I'm so nervous that I might carry something home to my new apartment and my roommates would kill me. So I have been reading up on bed bugs and I came across this site and it's really scary because there's tons of postings and it seems like it's just getting worse in NYC!

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I have been dealing with a bed bug infestation since May 2008. I have been had allergic reactions to the bites, which are ALL OVER MY BODY. My landlord is currently working with me to try and get rid of the problem, however he hasn't notified the neighboring apartment units or inspected them or treated them.

After all of my research about infestations, I am certain that although we are washing our clothes and linens, bought a zippered bed-bug proof mattress protector and box spring protector,

have been vacuuming and cleaning CONSTANTLY,- unfortunately since our nieghbors aren't vigilanty doing the same we will never get rid of them.

I am considering breaking my lease and possibly notifying the board of health. I would like to look into whether or not any other complaints were made against this building and landlord.

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