334 E 90th St
New York, NY 10128

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I live on the third floor and had a run in in January. I\'m horrified at how long this has been going on and that as a tentant of almost THREE years I wasn\'t notified.
The bites were severe, and the cost of fixing everything huge.


There has been an infestation discovered and treated (here's to hoping) on the second floor of this apartment building. Tenants apparently noticed a bite or a bug 2 weeks ago and reported it. Terminator just came two days ago and they were everywhere. I live next door to where they were found and am waiting in fear. No one warned me about this problem when I moved in (and spent half my life's savings to do so...) a month ago.

The bed bugs are throughout the building. The building management failed to notify all tenants with the first case and now, due to the carpeted hallways, probably, the problem is or has been in at least 7 apartments out of 20, probably more. They continue to use bombs and foggers, but the problem persists. They should remove the hallway carpet!

I'm surprised this building is not in the directory. Over a year ago (today is 4/15/08), the first case of bed bugs was reported to the landlord. Since then, almost every apartment has spotted a bug. The PCO is using a fogger machine to kill off the bugs. Treatments appear to be working, but lack of information from the management company (namely, than an infestation had occurred in an apartment in the building) have allowed the situation to be prolonged. An inspection by the landlord could

have resulted in spotting the bugs in adjoining apartments and preventing them from spreading.

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