332 E 91st St
New York, NY 10128-5342

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Bedbugs are a problem in this building. Many tenants are complaining and little seems to be done.


this is happing alot on the upper east side , and elsewhere landlords not doing what they are suppose to do when it come to vermin. hpd is a joke i believe they are in the landords pockets(some)at least. If you are on the upper east side and have the same problem or other issue withthe landlords. forward an email to uppereastside88@hotmail.com. if i get enough complaints well form an association. since our real estate friendly mayor isnt doing his job. we will have to join toghether to get thing

s done. also curious if you are rent stablized or not but that is up to you to say and you can be annouious

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Bed bugs

Repeat infestations, landlord refuses to do anything, denies that the problem exists at all. Not sure about other units in the building...

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