233 E 89th St
New York, NY 10128-3403

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the people who own this building are slumlords and don't care about their tenents. I love looking back at this page to see how may people have had problems with this building. My girlfriend was one of the tenents who constantly complained to the managment (the new managment not old) about the bed bud problems. They did nothing to clean the hallways and just left the dead bugs there even after sending them tons of pictures. It is true that the elderly tenents did not let them in but that is N

O EXCUSE for leaving dead bugs in the hallway and stairs when people ask to clean it. They were also all over in the basement. My girlfriend still has nightmares about this place. There is a reason why this place is cheap. If you like bedbugs this is the place to be.


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Just to set the record straight, we wanted to include a note from the Managing Agent's office. We took over this building in April of 2011 and we quickly became aware of a bedbug issue. This information was not disclosed when we purchased the property. We took immediate and ultimately effective steps to treat the building. Unfortunately, we have some elderly tenants that blocked our efforts to enter and treat their unit which was the cause of the problem and it created a delay in completing the

entire building. We eventually had to go the NY State Supreme Court to obtain a court order to gain access to their apartment. We were successful and now the entire building is bedbug free. We understand that many people have a visceral reaction to bedbugs but please keep in mind that bedbugs are brought into a building by tenants--not the owner! Be careful when you travel, especially when staying at hostels or hotels--which is the number one cause of bringing bedbugs into your home. Regardless, if one of our tenants has a complaint about bedbugs or ANY maintenance issue, we respond quickly and professionally.

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This place is full of bedbugs, as well as human size rats and mice. Do not live here, save your money. All these complaints are true!!!! Check out the 311 complaints and you will see begbugs listed. The management does not care either, they are slumlords....

Renter Beware!!!!!

I lived here and just moved out because of the bed bug infestation. All of the apartments on the 5th floor had them and probably still do, all of the 4th, and I knew of one the 3rd and 2nd. We had an exterminator come and they found them everywhere in the halls, stairs, and in the basement. If you are looking to move in this place do not do it. From what some long time tenants told me this has been going on for years in this building.

I live in the building and there are dead and live bugs everywhere in the hall and stairs. At this point it's a total infestation. The MGT company never cleans it up either. If you are planning to move into this building STAY AWAY!!!!!

An apt occupied by an elderly couple on the fifth floor is completely infested with bedbugs and they will not let exterminators in. Management is dealing with the problem via the courts but who knows when it will be cleaned up.

October 2008

I was renting an apartment for two months when I started noticing bites on my body, which at the time I thought was an allergic reaction to something.

I had gone away for a week and I noticed that my "allergic reaction" was going away. The first night back in the apartment, I found that any exposed area was covered with bites the next morning - bites that looked like a rash. I went to a dermotologist who confirmed they were bed bug bites. I moved out that same day and have n

ever been bitten again. Not sure if they ever cleaned up that apartment.

The apartment was located on the third floor.

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Three apartments (1 which is mine) had 3 months filled with battling the bugs in Summer 2008! The building exterminated twice but didn't pay for all the extras we needed to prep!

The three of us are CONVINCED someone is infested with bugs in this building - which is why we find dead ones and even live ones in the hall from time to time.

This building needs to be blown up to get rid of the problem completely. It's ridiculous!!!

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