233 E 89th St
Manhattan, NY 10128-3403

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This entire building is loaded with Bed Bugs and other vermin.When we lived there we had an exterminator come 4 times and they kept on coming back. He told us that it was a building problem and they are in the walls, floors, and basement. He told us there is really no way to get rid of them. The only way is knock down the walls. The management agency and super does nothing to rectify the problems. Do not live here and if you do get a cat to eat the bugs and mice.

Anyone requiring a bedbug search of their apartment or hotel room can contact the NY K-9 Task Force at 1-718-313-5294. We are trained in recognition of Bed Bugs by the City of New York.

I was the one that was moving out. This place has had a problem for years. I woke up one morning with bites. Then a couple nights later I found 50 dead ones in the hallway. The management agency took 24 hours to send someone to clean it up. When I lived there we would find tons of dead ones walking up the stairs. This place is disgusting!!!!

did the realtor tell you about the bed bugs? i think by law they are suppose to

I was about to put down a deposit on D1 and there were movers moving someone out of E3. They informed me that the tenants were moving out due to bedbugs. I will not be taking this apartment and it appears the building roped off the infested apt. Although prior reports on this building show that this has been a problem for awhile.

Bedbugs, Apt. 3C. Found Aug. '09, treated September '09. Took awhile to confirm they were bedbugs, but they were found early enough to eradicate, hopefully. Other people in the building have had them, too. Namely A1.

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