141 E 89th St
New York, NY 10128-2314

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The only way to prevent bed bugs 101

1. Do not go to the movies
2. Do not take a cab.
3. Better yet do not use public transportation.
4. Put your luggage in a big plastic bag (sold at Bed,Bath & Beyond).
5. Wrap mattresses in bed bug proof cases (also sold at B.B.& B aka Bed Bug and Beyond).
6. Take all your clothes off before entering your home and put all items in a plastic bag. (If your neighbors look at you a little funny just explain you're doing this for your benefit as well as th

eirs and I'm sure they'll appreciate it).
7. Better yet have no neighbors this way you can avoid getting infested from anyone else's apartment.
8. Oh, heck just wrap yourself in Saran Wrap & tell everyone its the new in Vogue thing.
8. Good luck.

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we have mice and bedbugs all over our apartment... the super has been unresponsive for weeks and the doorman told my mother that this is the city.. everyone has bedbugs and mice!!! ive had to take action for myself and hire my own terminator which in no way should have to happen in a quote "luxury doorman building" i am taking legal action and would highly recommend not living in this building

I don't want to report bed bugs but the building does not handle things in a timely manner at all. The owner of the building is not to be found he does not return calls i have had mice issues 3 times in less them a year. I love the doorman and neighbors but the way things are done are half done and done very very late. They are not well put together i would have to say.

I am responding to the tenant that claimed the bedbug situation was not cleared, this is completely and totally untrue. the landlord for this building and super of this building respond to absolutely everything in a very timely manner. Immediately an exterminator that specializes in bedbugs was called in iwth his bedbug sniffing dog and the situation was remedied. I work in the building and would not expose my self to bedbugs and jeopardize taking them to my home with me, but I feel fully confi

dent working in this building. Furthermore it is also up to the person residing in these apartments to be a litle more diligent and aware that there is a widespread problem in the city, and should be a little more carefull to check thier personal articles if they have been away in a hotel on vacation or in a movie theater or riding in a cab or wherever to remove thier shoes and clothing and simply put them in a plastic bag for a couple of days. It isn't the fault of the landlord when we bring bedbugs into our homes, but I know for a fact that this perticuliar landlord responded on a timely basis.

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Bed bugs were found in an apartment at the end of November 2008 t 141 East 89th Street NYC NY 10128.
Unfortunately the landlord did not react to the situation in a timely/professional manner.
As everyone knows time is of essence when dealing with bed bugs because of their rapid rate of reproduction.
The best way to get rid of bed bugs and prevent
their unwanted return is to take immediate action, which this building did not do.
After many requests an exterminator handled the situation.

this building does not take the necessary preventative actions, I fear a fourth out-break will occur in the near future.

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