171 E 89th St
Manhattan, NY 10128-2314

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thanks very much for this post and this website! I was due to sign a lease for an apartment in this building this coming weekend-- in the bed bug disclosure, they informed me that there had been issues in AUGUST 2011, but that the issue had been handled and the building was now clean. Maybe the building IS now clean, but with this post,it clearly wasn't as of 2 months ago, much sooner than the disclosure admitted to, and the repeated issues also suggest that the situation was simply never full

y dealt with.

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We moved in an apartment in this building in October 2011 and found active bed bugs 3 weeks after we moved. We spent at least $1600 in laundry and supplies to get rid of these pests and not to mention the $2600 rent. The management company acted quickly and treated the apartment. We took all the proper steps in treating the situation but, we still have them in full force and we are starting to get bitten. At the time of signing the lease, we signed a doc that stated that the floor had bed bugs

but lead us to believe that there was a problem somewhere on the floor in the past but it had been completely resolved. Unfortunately, this was not the case and now we have to go through another treatment and have not been compensated for anything.

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