61 E 95th St
New York, NY 10128-0743

Found 5 reports:

Bedbug infestation recurring since June 2011, apartment has been treated 4 times, pretty clear there is an apartment above us that is noncompliant with the treatments and building has not sealed walls, etc. properly to prevent reinfestation

Building infested since at least May 2011 (ongoing). Management took over 2 months to respond. Bedbugs found on five floors of six.

Bed bug infestation since at least June 6 2011. Has affected multiple apartments. Management VERY slow to react, and denied the problem initially.

3 apts on 3 different levels have found bed bugs here and the landlord attempted to pass them off as mosquitoes. Therefore they went untreated for over a month. they have just started treating them because we have been adamant about calling the landlord everyday!

apartment infested

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