415 E 80th St
New York, NY 10075

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Anyone requiring a bedbug search of their apartment or hotel room can contact the NY K-9 Task Force at 1-718-313-5294. We are trained in recognition of Bed Bugs by the City of New York.

Moved in end of APRIL 2011, not aware of any bed bug reports until NIGHT BEFORE I moved in. Found one alive the after one week (early MAY 2011). Waited one week for Exterminator. Then Exterminator came twice in 13 day span. Found another live one in bedroom a month later, JUNE 2011. Exterminator came once.

hear we go again more inspections and exterminations. $80,000 and counting the elderly couple who are the ones who were infested will not comply to what needs to be done to get rid of the bedbugs They have hidden the problem . They don't mind th BBws and tough luck if others do. Board and Management seem hamstrung by these old people.Soeone needs to grow a pair and deal with them Right now it seems like the only thing that can change this if the old couple move or die. I can't rent or sell this

apt. Found 4 bedbugs this mo. Bitten once Stressed out

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The report entered that said that all apts were effected are incorrect the one that said that only 2 were and that it has been taken care of is also incorrect. Exaggerations on both sides are not useful. The Super and management were terrible. The Super. has since been let go. The exterminator Pestaway also bad. Now using another exterminator and have a new Super. They are coming back tomorrow 6/7/11 to treat 3 apts. again. It has been more than 1 1/2 yrs. and is still going on. The coop has spe

nt more than $75,000 on this.The offending apt. has never been effectively as of yet been treated. The problem is so deep I don't think tomorrow will be the last treatment.

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Only 2 apts were reported to have bedbugs. Extensive cleaning, inspecting and remediation were performed and there have been on other incidents in many months.

Not all apartments were infected in this building. The bed bug situation has been taken care of and there have no current reports of bed bugs. the super and exterminating company did a great job.

Basically every apartment in 415 E 80th is infested. Stupid to rent/buy here. There are also roaches, mice, rats and spiders.

There have been more then 15 apts with BB problems. Ask the super

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