326 E 78th St
New York, NY 10075

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Over a year ago, my roommate and I were victims of a bed bug outbreak. We have since moved out of the building. Both of us had what we believed to be mosquito bites but then we started to worry.I found a bug crawling across my bed at night and then the next day saw one crawling on the wall. I was able to trap it. Through our landlord, we got an exterminator company (which in the end we were responsible for paying for). The exterminator came to check the apartment and confirmed by looking at the

bug that we did indeed have bed bugs. He said that we had probably had them for at least 2/3 months because what I found was an adult bug. So before treatment, we then had to wash all of our clothing and bag it up. We also threw out a lot of things. The exterminator then treated the apartment with safe chemicals which even included fan spraying and treating our mattresses. He did not find any other signs of the bugs. So he concluded that they could possibly be coming from a neighbor. After that, he did a follow up in a week to check and leave a weaker dust chemical in the cracks/crevices. After that was done, we didn't seem to have a problem. We found a few dead ones but the exterminator said that was to be expected. When it was time to renew our lease, we chose not to renew fearing that the building might have a bug problem.

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sorry to hear about your problem been there. i would recomend a vacum cleaner and use it everywhere. also bedlam is a good bedbug spray. wash and dry your cloths on high heat and maybe and encasement for your box spring and mattress. you can find them online

My roommate and I found bedbugs in our apartment at 326 East 78th Street last week. On Friday, I saw a bug crawling across my bed. I didn't recognize it, so I squashed it and kept it for later inspection since I was running out the door. Not half an hour later did I open the Post and see a enlarged picture of the exact bug I found on my bed. I told my roommate the story and when she came home, she lifted her sheets and found another one on her mattress! We were incredibly freaked, but got i

t together and started calling exterminators to come assess the situation. A guy came out Saturday morning, immediately confirmed that the bugs we found were bedbugs and proceeded to tear apart the apartment, packing all our clothes and linens in garbage bags, taking the pictures off the walls and turning our beds upside down. He steamed the furniture and sprayed pesticides along the floorboards and in our box springs and drawers. He didn't seem to think we had a very severe case (he didn't even find any in my room, not that that means there weren't any), but he couldn't tell how long the bugs had been in our apartment. He said they could have been there from the previous renters or they could be from another apartment in our building. We figured we have been getting bites for about 2 months, but kept denying that we had bedbugs and convinced ourselves they were mosquito bites. I'm really worried that this is a problem with our building and scared that the treatment the exterminator did won't last. What are the most effective ways to keep them from coming back?

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