308 E 78th St
New York, NY 10075-2205

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My first BB infestation was November 2008, my second was March 2009, my third was July 2009. Each time it was a horrific experience. The first time the box spring and the mattress were so badly infested that I had to throw them out. I lost a lot of clothes and belongings. I spent over $1000 on cleaning, laundry and products on protecting my apartment from this again I was displaced for two weeks while the exterminator could get there, I felt he did an ok job. When the BB's returned the second ti

me it wasn't as bad. But this third time, the BB's had burrowed into the bed encasement on the box spring, I had once again spent over a $1000 on cleaning up/laundry and new encasements and the funiture cups, not including extermination, the landlord paid for that. I have been in complete contact with my managemnt company and they have been helpful in getting an extermintor there. But this time it was a new company and they had a whole procedure as to pack everything up and have two treaments over a three week period, I optted not to live there at that time - I have been displaced for a 3 weeks. I decided to move back in days after the exterminator came - with in hours my dog and my boyfriends ended up having reactions to the chemical they used, they both ended up in the ER. This whole experience has been a complete nightmare. I have asked the Owner of the building for some reiembersement of my cleaning expenses of over $700. I have not heard back from him, it has been weeks and now I believe I have to seek leagle representation to get my money back and now I am thinking of moving to Westchester. UUG! Something has to be done

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