508 E 79th St
New York, NY 10075-1501

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There are bedbugs in this entire building. We got ours exterminated by somebody we knew more about bedbugs than. The office said that they treat the apartments surrounding those who ask, but never have. Lied. And people are too lazy to take care of there's, so it's a cycle that never ends. There are bedbug mattresses outside by the garbage of every building on the street everyday. Dumb people brush against them too, I took a hundred pictures of all the times they've been left out. I have the evi

dence, at least one responsible person wrote bedbugs on a matters once. Theyre especially infested in the 2 addresses close to the river, they constantly throw their mattresses out thinking that solves the problem but aren't educated enough to choose extermination. We're all screwed, because you can only do your own part.

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