257 E 61st St
New York, NY 10065-8203

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Bed bugs infesting the whole apartment building and landlord is no help! Whatever you do, do not move into this building or deal with this landlord. Make sure to ask for the 1 year bedbug infestation history list (required by law) before signing anything.

Moved in last summer. Bed bugs started appearing after 3 weeks. I reported to management but they took it lightly. An exterminator came once but bed bugs reappeared after a few weeks. Judging on the comments below, it looks like this is a total building infestation and nothing can be done. Will move out as soon as my lease is up. DO NOT RENT HERE.

Treatment does not seem to be working as other units continue to be infested. I believe my neighbor has them, but as this is not something people talk about, cannot confirm.


Moved in November 2010 - apartment had been completely renovated. Started getting bites in January 2011, exterminators sprayed early February 2011. Despite having the entire apartment sprayed (they even drilled the walls and sprayed inside the walls), started getting new bites by the end of March 2011.

After reading other reports on this site, the prospect of getting rid of the bugs via another round of spraying does not look promising. This building appears to be completely infes


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I lived here from 2007-2009. Exterminators came multiple times, but the bed bugs never went away. After two years of complete hell, I threw away all of my furniture and moved.

Infestation continues. Tenants beware.

Bed bugs infesting the entire Apt building.

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