404 E 66th St
New York, NY 10065-6902

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2nd floor - JD, I recently spotted one bug that was dead on the ground last week and today I woke up with bites in a row along my neck which I believe is a good indicator that my apartment must be infested. Any advice? Did the building pay for the exterminator? It seems your problem might be bigger than mine (since I have only seen one) but I am concerned about the problem getting worse. Any advice would be helpful!

404 E. 66th St. 7P

Bed bugs are back for the third time. We have gotten extensive treatment, but they were definitely not from the Sheraton. We are slowly finding out the ugly side of bed bug protocol as it relates to building owners, they are hush hush about them. Our building is infested really badly and no matter how many times we get treatment, they keep coming back. So, we are now moving.


In all fairness, the Sheraton wrote this back to me. Not sure what to make of it. Maybe they were from someone else in our building. Maybe they were from the Marriott, which we stayed a couple of weeks before. I still will not be staying at a Sheraton or Marriot anytime soon. (This looks like a form letter as well...but nothing I can do about it I guess.)

I refer to your comments forwarded to our Customer Service Department regarding your June 11th - 15th, 2009 stay at

the former Sheraton Grand Bahama Island Resort, we are sorry for the experience you've encountered during you stay with us. After retuning home you should only have fond memories of your vacation. And, as it appears this did not happen.

Our local pest control company is on our property on a regular basis, the company was called in this morning to inspect the unit in which you occupied. A report was received this afternoon in this regard and no evidence of beg bugs were found in unit 2-2054. The said unit was occupied since you departed on June 15th, 2009 and there were no complaints regarding bed bugs. The Island is located in the Caribbean surrounded by large bodies of water, and during the months of June to September is our rainy season, therefore, sand-flies and mosquitoes are very active at this time. After a thorough investigation was completed mosquitoes, and sand-flies were the culprits in this complaint.

So you will know your comments were not taken lightly, I have shared your comments regarding your experience at the resort with our management team including the Director of Operations for the former Sheraton Grand Bahama Island Resort.

Thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention, and we certainly hope that this unfortunate experience will not deter you from future visits to our resort.

Kind regards,

Judith Williams
PCO / Customer Service Admin
Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort
P.O. Box F - 42500
Royal Palm Way
Freeport Grand Bahama, The Bahamas
Tel Direct: 242.350.5388 Fax: 242.350.5010

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I have bedbugs and am not sure how we got them. We stayed at a Sheraton in the Bahamas a few weeks ago. We had a "hungry mosquito" that we could not find while on vacation and woke up with bug bites. I'd never heard of bed bugs before.

Upon arriving at our apartment, my wife and I got bites off and on. We thought there were "no see ums" mosquitoes in our apartment (404). Finally, we called and exterminator and he said it was bed bugs. We are starting the process to get rid of them now

...August 6, 2009.

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