1270 1st Ave
Manhattan, NY 10065-5602

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I am currently fighting a bed bug infestation that has been going on for 6 weeks. Up until now the management company has been responsive, however it seems the problem is throughout the building, and tenants have not been given a clear picture of the problem. When the exterminator first came to my building, I found out he was there to treat my apartment for the first time and my next door neighbor for the second. For whatever reason, I am still finding bugs in my apartment, and have requested

a now 5th visit by the exterminator.

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I lived in an apartment in this building where we dealt with a bed bug infestation in fall 2009. Bugs were actually spotted in one of the bedrooms. We discovered the infestation early and exterminators were able to fix the problem, however it's worth noting that the exterminators that our management company made us use were unreliable and frequently cancelled appointments.

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