888 Main St
Manhattan, NY 10044-0212

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I got bedbugs from taking a pillow sham out of the trashcan at the Octagon. I immediately knew when I started itching very badly and a couple months later found that I was right. Management is EXTREMELY difficult to deal with and denies that there was more than one incident. At first I was told 6 incidents were there by them, also read online under apartment ratings that there was one....they don't want to be held liable or tell the neighbors because they are afraid they will not be able to r

ent the units out so they just deny it instead of alerting the neighbors.

They also had the nerve to threaten to call public safety on me the day I had to go into their office and demand they fumigate and literally had to scream at them to get the exterminator in. I am an EXTREMELY clean and responsible and hard working person and tenant so that was incredibly insulting. Further more after dumping my mattress, I slept on the floor for 3 months since I couldn't afford another and when I finally got a new one, they would not let me move it in after 6 pm, which meant I had to continue to sleep on the floor until the weekend. That was the final slap in the face after what I had to deal with.

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