2 Gold Street
New York City, NY 10038

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Our direct neighbours (whom we share a balcony with and an indoor wall) had bed bugs. TF Cornerstone told no one and as a result they have come into our apartment. They didn't even check that the neighbours had dealt with it properly. What they did was put all their stuff on the balcony letting the bugs transfer into our unit. TF Cornerstone won't admit that this secrecy is wrong and won't pay for any damages apart from the inspection and treatment. Complete lack of communication and duty of car

e to prevent neighbours from harm. I have been bitten almost 50 times, spent days cleaning, washing and weeks sleeping on a sofa. Very disappointed, distressed and psychologically affected due to this. My legs were so swollen due to the bites that I have had to get antihistamine injections to deal with the allergic reaction. If anyone else has been affected please post it here! Their secrecy and lack of process to protect neighbours is negligence.

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