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In August 2010 another half dozen apartments have been treated again, either because a dog spotted bedbugs or tenants complained of bites. There are a number of rental stabilized lofts in this building and it appears that it is just not cost effective in owner's opinion to pull in the big guns and get it done.

One loft gets treated and the bugs move to another. It's an endless cycle.

More than a month ago Apt. 2F reported an infestation. For two weeks the landlord did nothing. Finally a company with a bedbug sniffing dog was brought in and bedbugs were located in additional apartments. A second company with a dog was brought in and apartments 2F, 3F, 4F (most highly contaminated), 4S, 8S were addtionally sited for infestations. The landlord determined to use neither of the companies that had located bedbugs and went with a cheap service. On August 3rd and 4th, 2009 these apa

rtments received a first treatment by the least experienced of the three companies. By the time of their arrival bedbugs had spread to Apt. 4N as well and it was treated. August 10th all apartments are to be treated by the least experienced and reputable of the three companies. The exterminator just goes around and haphazardly sprays along some baseboards. It is unlikely that this treatment will be effective and the landlord shows no serious inclination to solve the problem because of concern over spending money. It is an utter nightmare.

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