199 Water St
Manhattan, NY 10038-3500

Found 2 reports:

As of 7/25/11, it was confirmed that certain floors of this office bldg were affected by bedbugs late last week. Bldg was treated thru last night (7/24/11) with exterminators and dogs. No further info as to whether or not bedbugs were eradicated or if further treatment is necessary.

This is the location for the Abercrombie store which had sightings. Its a little disconcerting that something that was on the news last year is not in your data base? I have not gone to the movies since the AMC on 42nd street reported bedbugs last summer, and would like to check these public places for reports. Is this outside of the scope of your site? if so can you tell me how to screen for bedugs in public locations?

No nearby bug reports