33 Gold St
New York, NY 10038-2811

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I have lived in 33 Gold ST for many years. I now have a very bad case of bed bug infestation that come crawling out of the walls which I have actually seen. My walls are bruised and cracked from water pipe leaks that the landlord, Thurcon Properties won't do anything about!! I reported the infestation problem 5 weeks ago and nothing has been done to eradicate this problem. I had to go to my dermatologist to do skin biopsies due to to bad allergic only to find out they are serious insect bites. I

had no idea that this building has a devious history of bed bug infestation that has now has finally reached me. It looks like management team at Thurcon Properties do care about their tenants. They have not responded to my calls and emails.This is a building I do not care to live in anymore. I will surely be reporting this building to 311 and all the available NYC housing athourities and I suggest tenants with the same problem so so as well.

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My neighbor just told me she has a terrible infestation at 33 Gold. I was shocked and relieved in some way as I have been battling with the bed bugs for a few weeks now. I have reported the problem to the landlord, but they don't respond. Now I am very concerned as they can be coming in from my next door neighbor if they are not eradicated by the management.
The infestation at this apartment building is bad, really bad!

I have lived here for a couple of years. I have heard of reports from my neighbors that they had bed bugs in their apartments and the tenant not doing anything. Well, it happened to me! Few weeks ago, I started having major skin lesions when I would wake up, I thought it was some allergy, but my doctor took biopsy and diagnosed bed bug wounds. I was terrified to think my apartment had bed bugs. I contacted the tennant and it took many weeks before they could bring a bed bug-sniffing dog for whic

h they said I'd have to pay $250 if none were found. Now they diagnosed bed bugs all along the walls, under the wall in my bedroom, carpeting, my sofa and cabitets, the list goes on. This is a major infestation and they said my neighbors on both sides must have bed bugs with such a number found. These bugs now crawl on the floors, I wake up with the bugs biting my skin, I squish them with my body, and wake up with blood on my sheets. This is so terrible and the managment does nothing. It has been 3 weeks now since the inspection and calling the management does nothing, nobody cares to fix the problem. It is terrible.

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Moved in without receiving a bed bug disclosure only to find that the building is infested. Gross carpeting does not get removed. Cock roach infested and landlord does nothing.

Lived in this shithole for all of 2010. Got bedbugs around March. Thurcon Properties, the assholes who run 33 Gold, refused to do anything about the bedbugs and ignored the problem for as long as they could.

Bed bug infestation starting in June 2009 in Apt. 117. Landlord was slow to make appointments with the exterminator and refused to pay for proper treatment for over a month. Carpeting was not changed after tenant vacated.

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