560 Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10037

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Ive lived in building 560 Lenox ave for years with my mom & sister. I moved into my own 1 bedroom apt. in 8/1997.(same building different apt.#) with no problems. It wasnt until I moved from my 1 bedroom apt. to a two bedroom apt (again within the same building) right across the hall that I started having problems with bed bugs, I moved in 7/2007. I notice the bugs with in 1 month (8/2007) after moving in the 2 bedroom apt. The landlord does not treat bed bugs properly, they only have an extermi

nator come once a months and sometimes they skip a month, its now 3 yrs later 8/2010 & I'm still having issue. The problem keep reaccuring & I keep needing treatments. The exterminator told me it could be the location of the apt & my neighbors who live above me, below me & next door to me either way all apartments should get treated but the landlord says its too expensive to treat all apt.

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