41 W 130th St
New York, NY 10037-3638

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Since my last update this has what happened. Well it seems the tenants are to afraid to complain or report to the proper authorities. The rent is "rent controlled" and the tenants are poor very poor. Either they are elderly, not working or whatever. They can't afford to move out. The bed bugs are in full effect and the landlord is trying to evict a tenant for complaining. As a matter of fact he has read my report and is very angry. In August; He tried to enter a tenants apartment without permiss

ion. He knew the tenant wasn't there but put his key in the door anyway. But to his great dissmay I was there. Caught you! If I wasn't there he would be rifling through the tenants property. He got very nasty "I WANT TO COME IN!OPEN THE DOOR, I WANT YOU TO OPEN IT NOW OPEN IT" Well jerk the locks are changed!I also went to the police station, but since I stopped you from entering they said they couldn't charge you. I should've sat quietly in there. Well with a illegal mind like that your bound to mess up again, can't control your temper. It's a bed bug fiesta at this building. He had a "exterminator" come 3 maybe 4 times. Last spring. I thought they were crack heads, until someone said they are the exterminators. You got to be kidding. I saw them enter a womans apartment and take their time, looked out the door then closed it. They didn't come out till the miserable old coot called her down. Gee what were they doing in there? They did not have a license, well they wouldn't show one! The building is infested, go see for yourself! By the way Mr. D. I'm a liar? a trouble maker? Well try going to court and lie! Guess what? I have the pictures, lots of them! You think you can bully poor people I will give my pictures to anyone that needs them so there!

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Thursday the 19th came and the landlord stated he was mad and the exterminators were not comming. He claims they will come Tuesday the 24th 2009. My body is a massacre. I have scabs scartches and bites everywhere. This is criminal and inhumane.

Since May 2007 I have noticed the occasional bite. On my ankle for example. I figured it was a flea bite. Since December 2008 I have had numerous bites to my face,arms,back,legs,stomach etc. However my boyfriend was rarely bitten. He assumed that I must've come in contact with something outside the building. Well,well the last month he has also been eaten alive. Agter talking to the 4th floor neighbors we found out the whole floor is infested and has been. Well we pulled our mattress away from t

he wall and OMG, there was thousands of them. We told the landlord January 31st and it is now Feb,17th 2009 and he has done nothing. He claims this Thursday the 19th he will have a bed bug exterminator come. Well in the meantime the mattress is in the trash and the boyfriend has been spraying the bed frame.
We are still getting bit but not as bad. I have pictures of my bites they look like a massacre.

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