2186 5th Ave
New York, NY 10037-2706

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Been dealing with pest for over a year, the property manager is the worst manger ever. She is aware of the problem but doesn't seem to care much about the issues concerning the tenants. I believe they may have common dwelling in the basement.

I cannot confirm the number of infestations reported to this website on 9/2/2015, but my apartment is badly infested and I know a number of others are as well. Management has hired exterminators to inspect and treat individual apartments rather than blocks of apartments. At this point, neighbors are generally aware if they are living next to an infested apartment and have called to request an inspection.

As of September 2, 2015, there is a bed bug infestation in the 2186 5th Avenue building. Management sends someone from pest control to your individual apartment to inspect and subsequently treat it, but to date, there are no less than 6 apartments on each floor dealing with bed bugs out of 17 floors. That number continues to rise each day. The entire building, including the years old carpet lining the hallways, need desperate and immediate treatment.

I live at 10 West , a building in the Lenox Terrace Complex and have had a severe infestation of bed bugs in my building. I have contacted management as of September 2011, it is now May of 2012 and they seem more concerened with maintaining the austere of Lenno Terrace than solving the problem. I even went so far as to contact the attorney of the development "Rappaport Hertz Cherson & Rosenthal", Elliot Cherson in particular-who was, in my opinion, of no help.
I was told that the problem was wi

de spread and that I would have to wait for assistance.I think I was treated like a pariah...by management.To date, this issue has not been taken care of.

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Several apartments in lenox terrace have been inspected and found to contain bed bugs. Management has been slow to help.

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