15 W 139th St
New York, NY 10037-1502

Found 4 reports:

Bed Bugs all over this place.

the whole bldg is infected with things flying in the elevator i had three treatments they found 2 live bedbugs

i found 2 bedbugs in my apt...the exterminator came but who is to say the propblem is solved my neighbor has bites all over her body but didnt report it to mgmt...the whole bldg must be infected i had to pack all my belongings in plastic bags and they talk about rent increase

The whole development (7 buildings) have Bed Bugs! Before new management took over in 2005, never had problems. Until they laid down this God awful carpet in the building hallways, did the stories began about Bed Bbugs. Numerous complaints were made to 311 & HPD inspectors have deem there is a violation. So far tenants have taken the management to court.
This place is severely infested!

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