630 Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10037-1235

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2010-11-25 Saw a bedbug in the apartment, confirmed by an exterminator. Management treated that unit, but the exterminator and neighbors confirmed that the entire complex is infested, probably originating from the new hallway carpeting. Heard many reports from neighbors. Management is far from proactive, treating single units as they come up, but never dealing with the source of the problem. Moved out shortly after treatment.

Tonight I found some bedbugs on a throw pillow that I had underneath my bed - I don't use it. I checked my matress and bed frame and found a few. I had noticed last week that I had small blood stains on my pillow and my sheets - I had washed them the week before - but didn't realize that those had come from bed bugs until I read about bed bug bites tonight. I swept up the bed bugs I found and washed everything down with bleach and water. I am going to contact my landlord tomorrow. It's too la

te tonight to try to do any more cleaning or contact management. Needless to say, I won't be sleeping soundly.

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