657 10th Avenue
New York City, NY 10036

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We moved into this building on July 15th 2015 and within 3 weeks discovered we had bed bugs. The landlord told us there had been a previous issue, but failed to mention it is an ongoing issue with the tenant below us in unit 3. We have been through multiple rounds of extermination from the PCO, however the problem has not been eliminated. We have realized this issue will not be resolved and it has been 4 months now. We have been bitten multiple times and captured at least 10 bugs. The landlord h

as offered to allow us to break our lease, however we have noticed they listed our apartment again on rental sites. Beware of this apartment! You will spend a lot of money moving in and be heartbroken as they have been unsuccessful dealing with the problem tenant downstairs!
The apartment number 8 across the hall from us is currently vacant as well because of the bed bugs. We understand the landlord doesn't want to lose money on these units, but these bugs are ruining people's lives and costing them their savings!

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