351 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036-5402

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I wanted to be sure to let you know this is a real GEM IN THE CITY! NO BUGS, QUIET AND GREAT STAFF!

I have lived here since October 2010 and have not had or heard of any problems.

I have lived at this property for almost a year and 6 month. I have not found any reports of bed bugs. Plus the staff is very nice and helpful.

I lived at this rooming house months ago and I soon began getting bites. I found bedbugs and was soon diagnosed with scabies; I did not have this before I moved in. Do not rent from here. It's a hazard.

I moved in a few weeks ago. For the first week, I apt sat for a friend so I wasn't here. When I moved in, I began to get bites every time I turned the light off. It was so bad that I would take a nap with the light on. Last night, I woke up feeling like my legs were under attack by bites. I lifted up my comforter and there was a bedbug. I killed it and put it in a ziplock bag so I could have proof. Since the other report I saw on here for the fourth floor of this very building was mishandled and

nothing was done professionally. I'm looking to get out of here as soon as possible.

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This rooming house has had bedbugs for at least a month now (as of 10/13/2010). I first started seeing little dark-brown bugs on the bathroom walls, and a week or two later started getting a few bites on my legs. Now my neck and shoulders are covered in bites, and I have seen them crossing the tile floors in bathrooms, hallways, and my own room. They are everywhere on the fourth floor, and I have seen them on the third as well on my way upstairs. First floor does not seem to be affected, or

at least I haven't seen any there.
Management is providing bug bombs and spray. I've bombed my room twice in the last three days, put down boric acid, and sprayed everywhere imaginable...They go away for maybe 12 hours after a treatment and then they're back again. I think they're just running into other people's rooms and coming back again after the smoke clears.
Management seems to be doing all they can, but I don't think all the tenants are, and there's enough turnover that new tenants and short-term renters are probably bringing in more on a daily basis. I don't know WTF I'm going to do, because I can't afford to live anywhere else, can't afford to do more than one load of laundry per week, can't afford to throw out all my belongings, can't afford a mattress cover or any other treatment beyond dishsoap and boric acid, and have to work so much that I cannot spare an entire day, never mind a weekend, to devote to dealing with this. Somebody ought to do a study on how these hellspawned things are affecting the suicide rate.

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