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I got a bite (which i thought was a spider bite) about a month ago. I recently had my wood floors in my rental apartment sanded and I couldn't believe they had put my bed in the hallway uncovered. Anyway, I woke up about a week later with what I thought was a rash on my wrist. There was a rash and then another welt. I went to my doctor (general) and he thought it was either eczema or scabies...gave me scipts for both. Then I woke up every day with more of these welts....usually 2-3 in a row

. I ran to the dermatologist and he said they were bedbug bites. I was aghast! He said to get an exterminater. In the meantime I have not seen a bug, any fecal matter or any blood in my bedding. Called my super immediately and they brought in an exterminator. They said they didn't find a trace and left these stupid roach glue traps everywhere. The only thing they caught was my long haired cat. They said they need to find a bug before they can do anything. I look forward to going into my wonderful bug bed every night with long johns, long socks, gloves and as much clothing as possible to protect myself from the vampires. Today I couldn't take it anymore so I called the super and he had someone come take the bed, mattress and boxspring out of here. The boxspring looked very suspicious to me and I asked the super if the exterminator checked the boxspring and bedframe and he said no. It's now in the basement so i hope they find the bugs in it and get me an exterminator a.s.a.p. I'll be sleeping on a blow up mattress until this is resolved. It's going to be a long and disturbing road!

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